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I love creative writing, I have no ambitions to become a serious writer, so I do this purely for fun... But who knows! LOL

I'm from NSW Australia. I spent time growing up with a backdrop of coal mines, vineyards and cattle grazing lands and various farms. Salt of the Earth kinda people. This is the place where I watched my favourite TV show as a kid BOTP.


My drean guy was the Eagle. Those blue eyes and dark locks... sighs heavily. I always wanted them to be together. I felt they were secretly in love when I was a kid and have been pairing them ever since...

I am a fan of Eagle/swan pairing (as you may have guessed)

I love Gatchaman, as the characters have real issues that are not brushed over as easily...

 I love to read other peoples fan fictions, its what inspired me write one. :) 

Thank you for taking the time to read my stories.  

Thank you Tatsunoko for creating such great characters in Gatchaman.



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